Leadership Team

Our entirely student-run club relies on great ideas and even greater execution to make things happen. Here are our superstar leaders!

Club Presidents

Adam Mitchell – Co-President of MIT Sloan E&I Club, Class of 2017

Adam Mitchell is a second-year MBA student in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Track at MIT Sloan, where he serves as Co-President of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club, Managing Director of the MIT Hip Hop Speakers Series, and Music Sector Lead for the Entertainment, Media and Sports Club. Prior to MIT, Adam worked in a corporate entrepreneurship role at News Corp, where he was responsible for building News Corp’s Canadian digital advertising services business. Adam studied Political Science at Queen’s University in Canada, and Media at the London School of Economics.

Adam is passionate about the future of Mixed Reality, particularly its application in storytelling and creative industries. In his spare time Adam enjoys soccer, boxing, writing music, reading history and debating the relative merits of Kanye albums.  (LinkedIn)

Lisa Tacoronte – Co-President of MIT Sloan E&I Club, Class of 2017

Lisa Tacoronte is a second-year MBA and Forte Fellow in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Track at MIT Sloan, where she serves as Co-President of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club, Co-President of Sloan Entrepreneurs in International Development, and Director of DesignWorks for the MIT Design Club. Prior to MIT, Lisa worked as a consultant at Bain and Company and for Endeavor’s Miami Affiliate providing strategic advice and analytical support to local entrepreneurs. Lisa studied Mechanical Engineering and International Development at MIT and co-founded a company to distribute low-cost technologies to East African communities.

Lisa is passionate about human-centric design to explore new ventures for social impact. She enjoys dancing, singing, cooking, traveling and tinkering with materials, art and furniture for interior design.  (LinkedIn)

Club Vice Presidents 

Burton Woodhull –  Vice President of Treks, Class of 2017

Burton Woodhull is a second-year MBA student at MIT Sloan, where he serves as Vice President of Treks in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club. He is also the co-President (Sports) of the Entertainment, Media, and Sports club. Prior to MIT, Burton worked as a management consultant at Deloitte Consulting, as well as a Corporate Development manager at a Private Equity-backed internet infrastructure company. 

Burton is passionate about the intersection of sports and technology, and has been working at an early-stage fitness wearable startup since January, 2016.  You can find him playing a variety of sports or watching the game on TV, usually with a beer in his hand. (LinkedIn)

Alexandra Qi – Vice President of IAP Disciplined Entrepreneurship Program, Class of 2018

Alexandra Qi is currently a first-year LGO student at MIT Sloan, where she serves as Vice-President of the IAP Disciplined Entrepreneurship Program. She is interested in pushing the boundary of current technology status, particularly in the area of robotics, quantum computing and the future of Internet. Since graduation from Cornell University, Alexandra has been design engineer working on robotic Cheetah in MIT as well as in Corning Inc. to design manufacturing process that improves the production of ultra-high precision display glass and optical fiber.  

Alexandra enjoys swimming, dancing, bouldering. She also loves visiting unknown places that she finds interesting on the map. (LinkedIn)

2016 Leadership Team

Treks Team: This team organizes and manages club treks, including the E&I Fall Silicon Valley Trek, New York Trek, Boulder Trek, and other trips to Boston area incubators and accelerators and other excursions of interest to our club members.

  • Directors: Lisa Conn, Louis Coppey, Jessica Ardrey, Ron Marconet

Events Team: This team focuses on finding and bringing high-quality programming to our student members as well as the broader MIT community!

  • DirectorsShai Ben Nun, Eileen Parra, Nick Del Vecchio, Bryan Halloy

Contact us at sloaneievents@mit.edu to plan an event or collaborate with us!

IAP Disciplined Entrepreneurship Program Team: This team coordinates our club’s externships program, which connects students interested in working at a startup with early stage startups all over the country looking for highly talented and motivated MBA students for either short term placements during the month of January (when Sloan is on a break), or throughout the school year to help our members get operating experience.

  • DirectorsJillian Ardrey, Tad Rocha, Adam Mitchell, Swati Rao, Jennifer Lee, Lisa Tacoronte, Arturo Moreno

Communications & Partnerships Team: This team manages the Club’s touch points with members, the broader MIT community and the Boston entrepreneurial ecosystem, press, and other partners.

  • DirectorsNina Brentlinger, Noa Oron, Heitor Martins

To co-brand events, have us advertise your community events to our members, or discuss further partnership, please contact sloaneicomms@mit.edu

Alumni & Startup Relations Team: This initiative (under construction) is focused on building and sustaining our club’s ties to the Sloan alumni community and facilitating meaningful relationships between our alumni, club members, and the broader institute.

  • DirectorsAli Farahanchi, Ashley Fidel, Marie Chkaiban, Dennis Lally, Teddy Lee

Contact us for more information at sloaneialumni@mit.edu

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